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Byw iach


The project includes the internal and external refurbishment to the pool hall of the former Pwllheli leisure centre, which is now under the Byw Iach brand.


Over the years since its construction, the warm and humid atmosphere within the pool hall has degraded the steelwork, coatings and roofing system of the building, resulting in leaking and unsafe spawling into the pool.  
OBR were tasked with re-roofing the pool side of the building and raising the thermal value of the area to reduce the condensation issue that has caused issues with the structural steel. The roof has been mechanically re-fixed to the purlins and overlaid with a Sika Decothane Ultra 25 year system. 
Internally, we have emptied the pools to undertake remedial action on problematic expansion joints within the construction method of the pool slab. We will finish with re-tiling areas of the pool that had failed its pull-out test. 

A Jotun coating will be applied to the soffit, steel and ducting of the hall to provide additional protection for the harsh humid and chemical environment of the pool hall to extend the life span of the building. 

To achieve the work without damaging the pool floor slab, a 

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