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Our extensive range of concrete floor repair mortars and screeds can eliminate all problems associated with poor and damaged trafficable surfaces. By reducing the likelihood of accidents to pedestrians and damage to vehicles, costs and claims can be minimised. We can supply and deploy specialist products that cover a diverse range of situations from trip hazards and potholes to uneven floors and damaged concrete hard standings.

We can advise on the correct products for individual situations, be it poor internal warehouse floors, chemical process and production floors, and external distribution / storage yards.

Our concrete repair services range from basic pothole fillers to sophisticated chemical resistant concrete floor repair mortars and screeds and all our products are available in a variety of setting and hardening times to minimise ‘down time’ in production, process and highly trafficked areas.

If you are looking to address the following problems associated with the repair of your concrete floors we can help.

  • Worn stair treads, steps and risers

  • Uneven floor surfaces

  • Broken expansion joints

  • Frost damaged external concrete slabs

  • General damage and potholes

  • Manhole surround damage

  • Chemical attack

  • Impact damage

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