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Bodelwyddan, North Wales

Glan Clwyd Hospital

We have undertaken various roofing projects for the estates team in Glan Clwyd Hospital as a main contractor, using our Sika liquid applied membrane system. 

The notable project in Glan Clwyd was the coating of the floor and upstands of the internal plant rooms above the operating theaters. The odorless Sika Decothane Ultra system was used to apply a waterproofing membrane to the plant room floor as condensation and leaking pipes was causing water to leak into the hygiene critical rooms below. 

To ensure the air quality remained high, air movers were implemented to extract any odur from the plant rooms and ventilated to the outside. Air intakes were switched off within the rooms which minimised any risk of primer odor occurring in the watinig areas below. 

The plant room had radiological controlled areas below because of the medical radiation treatments stored within, but having years of experience of working within the nuclear industry and within a live nuclear reactor building we were able to implement our working methodologies to monitor and minimise radiological exposure to our operatives. 


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