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OBR Construction have many years experience in undertaking many aspects of civil engineering projects. Here is a brief outline of the services we can offer:

Highways - We have completed numerous successful projects in laying new highway surfacing, highway drainage,  new car parks and bus stations. 

Water Management - With river and coastal defense becoming a main concern for local governments, our expertise in delivering these types of projects have enabled us to complete marine and inland defense walls, rock armour defenses, land remediation  and harbor works. 

Reinforced Concrete Structures - Installation of RC structures including large marine agricultural tanks, fuel depo, retaining walls, building superstructures and off-site preformed wall sections. 

Demolition - We can offer a complete managed demolition of large building and site demolition including concrete, traditional and timber structures. Our experience includes assets with asbestos containing material, nuclear structures with radiological hazards and refueling sites with sensitive ecological risks. 

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