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Hot Melt

​OBR can offer Hydrotech, which is the first choice for zero falls structural waterproofing on inverted green roofs and hard landscaped podium structures in new build applications in the UK. With no product failures in over 50 years, and guaranteed waterproofing integrity for the lifetime of the structure. Hydrotech is a hot-melt rubber bitumen membrane which is heated and combined with a polyester reinforcement and protection sheet to form a weatherproof layer that has a 100% bond to prepared concrete surfaces

  • Zero product failures in over 50 years, the Hydrotech hot-melt system offers lifetime performance

  • The Hydrotech MM6125 hot-melt system provides seamless waterproofing ideal for high-performance green roofs, podiums and highly detailed waterproofing or water feature schemes

  • This BBA approved, fully warranted system is designed to last for the lifetime of the structure it is applied to, has European Technical Approval

  • Hydrotech MM6125 is available in an FM approved assembly (strictly as per FM RoofNav Listing 1512-48527-0) where required, upon application. For more information, contact

  • Hydrotech MM6125 is self healing in the event of minor penetrations and is made of 100% solids, which means no curing time, no mixing and no solvents.

  • The Hydrotech system fully bonds to the structure avoiding any chance of water tracking, and its monolithic nature ensures no possibility of lap failures.

  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

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