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Bangor, North Wales


Working as the principal contractor directly for Coleg llandrillo Menai, OBR Construction was tasked with the complete demolition and site clearance of the old Engineering center on Farrer Road in Bangor. 

The work started in July 2019 and was required to be completed before the start of the new academic year. The internal strip started and work progressing with 7 day a week and often shift work to ensure the programme was followed. Material was carefully segregated into recycle, reuse and remove from site piles in an effort to minimise the material sent to landfill. 


All asbestos was stripped by a specialist contractor and surveys were undertaken during the works once an area was exposed. 

The structural demolition was carried out successfully with minimal disruption to neighboring private housing and businesses. Large water cannons / sprays were implemented to reduce dust by dampening the air surrounding the demolition. A stone crusher was on site to process the RC structure once dismantled and carried to other sites to use as back-fill. 

The project was completed successfully with no incidents and to the praise of the client. 


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