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Case Study

William Roberts
Site Manager


27   /   02   /   2020

My main role within OBR Construction at this current time is to assist a project manager and a works manager on the Height Reduction Enabling Works on the Trawsfynydd Power Station Safestores 1 and 2 , this entails multiple aspects that a project and works manager will carry out such as arranging labour and plant to carry out permitted and certified tasks, plant and equipment requisitioning, risk assessments and method statements, plant and material returns, site signage, daily site briefing and ensure all health, safety and environmental site specific requirements are met. The health and safety tasks I need to carry out are weekly reports of the project and ensuring the subcontractor understands and signs their Risk Assessment and Method Statement. One thing I thoroughly enjoy with working with OBR Construction is that I can liaise with clients and end-users, this helps with my personal understanding of how to communicate with different sorts of clientele. An example of this is to differentiate between technical and non-technical clients. I also find the time to liaise and learn on site with different trades, as a benefit to learning new skills.

My common workday is to arrange my tasks for a following days/weeks to come to ensure we stay to programme, and progress is not lost. As there is so many aspects within my role as no two days are the same. Commonly my first task is to liaise with all the workforce to ensure they are all fully aware of the works going ahead for each individual and that they can understand and comply with their specific RAMS, after this morning brief I can then collect then collect exact site attendance number to log for weekly reports and allocation sheets. It is essential I personally have a full understanding of the project, therefore I can be seen studying drawings and new revisions to expand my current knowledge on the project and industry.

The key skills required to carry out my job is to have a good standard of communication and people skills, as one of the important roles of a site manager is to liaise with both Professionals and Craftsmen/Operatives. The relationship between the site manager and the site workers should be well maintained to ensure progress, quality and friendly environment of the project. Another skill which is essential is to have is exceptional understanding of health and safety on site and the discipline process needed if broken.

Before starting work with OBR Construction on 8th July 2019 I had previous experience with another construction company where I completed a BTEC level 3 in construction professionals and my first year in HNC course where I’m scheduled to graduate in July. I am also completing an NVQ Level 4 in Construction Management on the side of my HNC course.

I hope to see myself in ten years’ time as a Professional within the construction industry either as a well experienced site manager or even higher such as a contracts manager or project manager. This can only be achieved if I carry on with my hard work and dedication to the industry and I also understand experience can be a large aspect when working within this industry.

I strongly recommend for anyone interested in the construction industry to apply for an apprenticeship as I am achieving my qualification with a large amount of benefits from the site work and gaining most of my construction knowledge in site first then re-doing it in lectures and assignments. Also, most employers state it’s essential that new employees have a substantial amount of experience and competency. This apprenticeship was the best opportunity I could have asked for and I hope to further my achievement.

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